MONTREAL -- After topping 2,000 new COVID-19 cases on Friday for the first time since January, Quebec reported on Saturday that 1,982 more people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Of those, 1,010 people were not fully vaccinated.

Quebec's health ministry says 970 people who tested positive were unvaccinated, 40 received one dose more than two weeks ago, and 972 received both doses more than a week prior to testing positive.

Of those eligible to receive a vaccination, 6,626,283 people (81 per cent) have received both doses of vaccine.

Quebec reports that you are 3 times more likely to contract COVID-19 if you are not fully vaccinated.

There are 1,035 active outbreaks being monitored by the health ministry.

The province also recorded four new deaths due to the disease, bringing that total to 11,607 since the start of the pandemic.

Twenty-three patients checked into the hospital for COVID-19 treatment and 28 were discharged, dropping the hospitalizations in Quebec to 251. Of those, 63 people are in intensive care wards, an increase of one.

Of the new patients, nine were unvaccinated and 14 received both doses more than seven days prior to being admitted into the hospital. The ministry says it is 15.2 times more likely a person will wind up in hospital for COVID-19 treatment if the patient is unvaccinated than if they have received two doses of vaccine.

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