MONTREAL - A new poll suggests that the Liberal Part of Quebec might actually be getting a boost from the student demonstrations.

Political pundit Jean Lapierre believes that Premier Charest's hard-line could provide further supporter.

"I think the hardliners have taken control of the protest and you saw what happened to the minister' s office, I think the more violent it becomes, the more the public will be against the students," he said.

Don MaPherson said, however that if it spirals out of control, the government itself could be blamed.

"It's not necessarily good for the government if they're blamed for letting it get out of control," he said.

The Future Quebec CAQ appears to be getting squeezed out as Liberals and the PQ appear to be gaining some of their default clienteles back.

Charest might be reticent to call a Spring election, as the PQ still lead in the polls and protesters might attempt to disrupt his campaigning.

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