Political analysts Don Macpherson and Jean Lapierre were not very impressed with Francois Legault's long-awaited announcement of his political party, the Coalition Avenir Quebec.

"By the time it was finally announced, the new news is he has a new logo and changed the name of his party. That's how anti-climatic it is. What he has to worry about he's peaking too soon and going to lose his momentum before the next election," said Macpherson.

"He has initiatives to pick up big names to show there's movement," said Lapierre.

But there's another party that is making waves, and that's Option Nationale -- the other political party formed by a former PQ MNA this fall.

This week Lisette Lapointe, wife of former PQ premier Jacques Parizeau, officially joined Option after walking away from Pauline Marois's party in June.

"Lisette Lapointe has done something I've not seen in 35 years. She's holding membership cards of two different political parties," said Lapierre.

"She's still member of the Parti Quebecois, and a member of Option Nationale, but also she sits in the house of assembly as an independent.

"So, I mean, I thought she was a lady of principle," said Lapierre. "Frankly I think she's becoming a bit ridiculous."

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