A retired judge convicted of the first-degree murder of his wife is trying once again to be freed from prison.

Jacques Delisle was in court Tuesday for a bail hearing that is expected to continue on Wednesday.

Among the people arguing for his release were his friend and former legal partner Pierre Simon, and his son Jean.

Jean testified that his family believes his father did not hurt his mother, and he will continue to support him.

Delisle was convicted in 2012 of killing his wife, Nicole Rainville, in 2009, and unsuccessfully appealed his case to the Supreme Court.

Then last year, he told Radio Canada that he helped Rainville take her own life by providing her with a loaded gun.

During that interview Delisle said he lied to police following Rainville's death, saying he was scared of what family would think if they found out he helped her kill herself.

The Crown said Delisle killed his partially paralyzed wife in order to live with his mistress and avoid a costly divorce.

In September the Justice Department launched a Criminal Conviction Review of Delisle's case, a step that is taken when there is new information in a case.

The Crown opposes the release of Delisle, who is 81.