A water main burst on the border between Westmount and the Southwest borough has flooded nearby streets, causing traffic to be closed in the area.

The 30-inch pipe was damaged at the corner of St. Antoine St. West and Brewster Ave. sent water gushing 50 feet into the air and pouring down surrounding roadways. Water, electricity and gas were cut in the area as a precaution.

Photo: CTV Montreal/Aalia Adam

Montreal fire department spokesperson Martin Galarneau said the break was caused by roadwork in the area. He reported that no property was damaged as a result of the flooding.

"There was some groundwork being done on the streetcorner of Brewster and St. Antoine," he said. "The workers were working away from where the pipe is. Either an old pipe or ground movement made the pipe break and that's what created the incident we have."

Galarneau said the water is fresh and does not pose a threat of contaminating the area. City officials said everything should return to normal within 24 hours.

A city worker said six or seven valves must be shut to stop the water flow but at least several of them are under water, delaying work.

Police are on the scene to assist the Montreal fire department and the public works department.

Traffic has been closed in the area on Atwater, St. Antoine, Notre Dame and Rose de Lima. Homes were evacuated between Rose de Lima and Atwater and St. Antoine and St. Jacques, though residents have been permitted to return, with the exception of 30 people whose homes are the corner of Brewster and St. Jacques.