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Donald Sutherland has died at the age of 88. Over his decades-long career, the celebrated Canadian actor performed in more than 100 films.<br><br> Here are some of his most memorable roles.
Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen, of the Netherlands, celebrates his win at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on Sunday, June 9, 2024. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christinne Muschi

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Rent in Montreal rose by 27 per cent in 4 years: renters' group

Moving when you're a tenant has become a real obstacle course, according to the Quebec housing and tenants' rights group RCLALQ, which warns that the approach advocated by governments to building more housing won't make it any easier for people looking for an affordable place to live.

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opinion Who will Trump anoint as his vice-presidential running mate?

Many are called but only one can be chosen to become Donald Trump's running mate in the upcoming election. Who will that be? CTV News' political analyst Eric Ham weighs in on what traits Trump's looking for, and who's in the running to become the potential next vice-president of the United States.

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