There's a deal in principle to continue construction work on the Westmount side of the new MUHC superhospital.

Westmount had issued a stop-work order because the builder didn't have the proper permit to construct a temporary parking lot and winter shelter for construction crews, but the matter has since been resolved.

The city of Westmount had also wanted a sound barrier built on the Glen Yards so residents would not have to be subject to the noise of construction.

However engineer Charles Chebl from SNC-Lavalin does not think it would not work.

"A sound barrier will eliminate many stalls in parking," said Chebl. "If we don't have enough parking the workers, they will go and they will park anywhere in the city so it is an advantage to both cities to have that parking and to have all of the workers within the vicinity of the site."

All the hospital buildings will be located in Montreal, with some of the landscaping and temporary structures, such as the construction crew parking lot, in Westmount.