Police in Saint Jean sur Richelieu are investigating after three fires began around the same time late Sunday night.

The first fire erupted around 11:30 p.m. at the offices of a legal firm located at 234 Longueuil St.

Two more fires were reported minutes later a short distance away: one in the garage of a home on nearby Foch St., with the third fire in the back of a trailer truck parked in a lot on St. Louis St.

All three fires were extinguished very quickly and the damage was minimal. Nobody was hurt in any case.

Police are not yet saying if they believe the fires are linked, although all three fires broke out within 2 km of each other.

Officers would not say if they believed these fires were linked to the series of arsons and bomb threats that have taken place in and around Saint Jean sur Richelieu since July 2016.

Many of those attacks have targeted one particular family which has seen two cars and a boat destroyed, their home set on fire, and a bomb placed in front of their store.