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Three Quebec men from same family father hundreds of children


Three men in Quebec from the same family have fathered more than 600 children, according to a documentary by Noovo Info.

The trio served as sperm donors for women across the province trying to get pregnant.

The women apparently responded to Facebook ads in part of an online "parallel universe" of free sperm donation not regulated by Health Canada.

Noovo Info initially reported two men from the same family were giving their sperm away online but soon discovered that there was much more to the story.

"We got a lot of feedback from many mothers, so we realized it was a bigger story. So, we continued investigating, and we discovered another sperm donor from the same family," said Noovo Info anchor Marie-Christine Bergeron. "Now, there are more than 600 children from these three men and it's really a never-ending story."

The documentary, called "Pere 100 enfants," was put together by journalists Marie-Christine Bergeron and Maxime Landry.

They spoke to mothers horrified to learn their children had dozens of half-brothers and sisters.

Two of the sperm donors also carry a rare hereditary genetic disorder affecting the liver that could be passed down to the children.

WATCH the video above to find out more about the multi-part documentary. Top Stories

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