Montreal's Mirror, the city's last weekly English alternative newspaper, folded this summer. But it didn't take long for the people who were making the Mirror create something new.

Cult MTL was launched online just three weeks after the Mirror broke, and this month it printed 10,000 copies in a special one-off paper edition aimed at new university students.

"People really loved those supplements," said music editor Lorraine Carpenter.

"It still has a huge list of resources for students in terms of getting to know the city, hosting listings, and some suggestions for entertainment."

The idea to create a new site was a no-brainer for most former Mirror staffers, like Assistant Editor Tracey Lindeman.

"The news of the Mirror closing hit all the contributors and editors at the same time, and a lot of people just asked themselves 'What's next?'"

"I felt like I should continue writing about more of the alternative things that aren't covered in some publications," said Lindeman.


Watch the video for the full interview with Carpenter and Lindeman.