MONTREAL - Sam Skinner looked at the globe and realized that he should have an interest in what was happening in the majority of the planet.

“I figured since the ocean was 70 percent of the planet I might as well do something that would teach me how to explore it and learn about it and diving was the natural choice,” said Sam Skinner, Master Scuba Diver.

Sam was awarded the rank of Master Scuba Diver just a few months ago, a difficult task even for an experienced adult.

“I don't think I'm an exception to the rule. I think that anybody who loves the sport enough and starts at a young enough age can do it," he said.

Sam has been to dive sites across Canada and around the world.

"I think the coolest thing I ever did with diving was the USS Kittiwake in Grand Cayman, which they had sunk about one-and-a-half months before we went down,” said Skinner.

It doesn’t hurt that both of his parents are certified rescue divers and the family frequently dives together.

“Sometimes it's a bit like diving with a puppy when you're diving with a kid who's 12 or 13. It's like having a little Labrador puppy kind of beside you and bouncing,” said mother Karen Skinner.

His father said that Sam has a broad interest in aquatics.

"He's long been interested in all things maritime. Whether that's marine history, marine archeology, marine architecture and if this is a vehicle that allows him to express himself, then that thrills us,” said David Skinner.

Sam still has time to decide on a career but right now medicine beckons, so he might not end up earning a living deep in the briny.

But other divers suggest that the possibility could remain open and salute his abilities.

“Sam is a great little diver,” said Gary Davis, the course director for Action Scuba. “He's not afraid of any of the dive sites but he's respectful and understands the limits as well and he doesn't push past those limits, which is important.”

Sam’s secret is that he feels comfortable in the water.

“The thing about diving is that you can't be afraid,” said Sam Skinner.

“Most people I talk to think it's dangerous. It's not, it's fun and exciting. You get to explore the world and see things nobody else can see and anyone can do it which is what I love about diving.”