Residents in St-Leonard had a meeting with the mayor Monday after about a dozen homes flooded this weekend.

Storm drains backed up on De Belmont Street during heavy rainfall over the weekend and flooded people's garages and basements.

Residents in the area say this has been a problem for years and are blaming the borough for not fixing the problem. 

St-Leonard Mayor Michel Bissonnet said he's been aware of the problem for nine years, but still needs the city to identify exactly what is wrong.

He said there should be a meeting between the residents and the city in about a month's time.

Some residents said that while Sunday’s flooding was especially bad, the problem has been a recurring one for years. 

Resident Sofya Marunych said she’s tired of constant worrying and feeling like she lives in a flood zone, despite her home being kilometres away from the waterfront.

“My mom’s insurance doesn’t want to insure her for flooding anymore,” she said.