MONTREAL - Montrealers who live near the Glen Yards are demanding the MUHC amend its plan for access to the superhospital.

But the MUHC says not only are plans for pedestrian access already included, they are trying to make them better.

At an information session Tuesday evening critics called for a pedestrian tunnel linking Vendome metro to the medical campus, and a pedestrian bridge over the railway tracks that parallel De Maisonneuve Blvd.

People who live in Saint Henri would also like to see another entrance on the south eastern side of the complex.

"For people walking, taking their bike or taking the bus there's no acces the full length of St. Jacques. There's no access until you hit the new Decarie Blvd.," said Derek Robertson.

But Caroline Phaneuf, senior advisor for the superhospital complex, says those things are already in the design.

According to Phaneuf people coming from Vendome metro or train station will be able to use a tunnel to access the superhospital.

Those walking from north of De Maisonneuve Blvd. will be able to use a pedestrian bridge over the tracks, but the MUHC is trying to change that.

"Our contract is for a passerelle east of 5100 de Maisonneuve, but we are trying to change it to a tunnel," said Phaneuf.

Phaneuf says a walkway will be built on St. Jacques west of the exit from the Ville Marie Expressway, while pedestrians and cyclists coming from the east will have access from Glen Rd.

"Ambulances will use that road too, they'll use the shortest route in an emergency, but cyclists and pedestrians will use it too," said Phaneuf, while pointing out that Glen Rd. access will be off-limits to cars.

NDG Borough Councillor Peter McQueen was at the meeting, and has long been lobbying for an improvement to the intersection of De Maisonneuve and Decarie Blvd, northwest of the hospital, where five streets converge.

"The hospital is going to be opening in three years and people are going to have to get to it," said McQueen. "They're not all going to be getting there by car."

The MUHC plans to host another public meeting next month to address the traffic concerns.

This story has been changed since it originally appeared.