MONTREAL - Montreal drivers coping with the first real snowstorm of the season had another new factor to consider in their morning commute: the first day of long-term road closures for the MUHC superhospital.

The onramp from Girouard to the 15 South/720 West is now off-limits to drivers for an undetermined period of time. Similarly, Decarie Blvd. between de Maisonneuve and St. Jacques is now restricted to one lane of southbound local traffic.

The company building the MUHC superhospital has reached a new phase in its construction, and is now ready to lay sewer mains and underground water connections for the campus.

The closures are expected to create traffic backlogs for NDG/Westmount residents and others who routinely use the St. Jacques exit on the 720 West, and the shortest connection from NDG to the 15 South/720 West.

Drivers who use Decarie Blvd. south of the train tracks will have to continue west until they reach Girouard, which is now two lanes in each direction from Sherbrooke straight through to St. Jacques.

People who use the Girouard access ramp to the Turcot Interchange will instead have to get on the 15 South at Cote St. Luc.