The future of public transit rolled in to Montreal Tuesday.

Articulated buses - or accordion buses - will hit some of Montreal busiest bus routes in November. They're part of a three-year, $182-million project that will introduce 200 new buses to Montreal roads.

"People are going to see three things: more buses, larger buses with more capacity, and more efficient buses," said Marvin Rotrand, vice-president of the Montreal Transit Corporation.

The first routes affected by the change are:

  • The 67 & 467 on St. Michel Blvd
  • The 121 on Cote Vertu Blvd.
  • The 69 on Gouin Blvd.
  • The 129 on Cote des Neiges Blvd.
  • The 80 and 535 on Parc Ave.

The new buses will seat 47 people, and will have space for as many as 115 passengers. They will also be more accessible for passengers with wheelchairs and strollers.

Mayor Gerald Tremblay says it's all part of his 10-year initiative to improve public transit.

"We'll have a clean city, we'll have a city where the quality of our air is much better, and we'll most of all increase the quality of life for our citizens," said Tremblay.