MONTREAL - Several people were hurt when fire ripped through a building on St. Joseph Blvd. near Pie IX Blvd. early Wednesday morning.

Firefighters believe the fire started just before 6 a.m. on the ground floor and quickly spread to the rest of the three-storey building.

In their haste to get away from the flames and smoke several occupants hurt themselves.

One person hurt their shoulder forcing open a door, while a second may have broken their leg jumping over a fence. A third person was suffering the effects of smoke inhalation when firefighters arrived.

The remaining residents, about 17 in all, were able to get outside without further trouble.

60 firefighters were able to control the fire after an hour.

Fire damage to the relatively recently constructed building is extensive with four apartments badly damaged and the roof seems to have collapsed. It will take some time to determine if the building can be repaired.