Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Liberals are exaggerating with their criticism of his call to review the Canada Food Guide.

Scheer told reporters on Tuesday at an agricultural fair south of Montreal that he'll review the guide if he wins the October election because research by the country's food industry was not reflected in the new document.

The new guide did away with traditional food groups and portion sizes and focused instead on broader guidelines, including eating more plant-based protein and drinking more water.

Last week, Scheer drew the Liberals' ire after he told dairy farmers in Saskatoon the new guide is flawed and needs review.

The Liberals say the guide has received an overwhelmingly positive response, including from nutrition experts. They allege Scheer is bowing to special interests and declaring war on Health Canada's research.

Organizations such as Dietitians of Canada and the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation support the changes. But Scheer says some dietitians and nutritionists have criticized the guide for its lack of emphasis on iron and calcium.