MONTREAL - Hundreds of protesters started the day standing in front of doorways at CEGEP St. Laurent to show their contempt for a court ruling.

At 7 a.m. about 30 students were in place, but an hour later their number had grown considerably.

They were protesting a court ruling made Thursday, where a judge ruled in an injunction that classes must resume at the school so that three students can graduate and go on to university in the fall.

"It's a strike," said student Florianne Philippe Beauchamp. "The principle is that it's a collective principle, we're defending the right to education and not the individual right to have your classes right now."

The first classes of the day began on time, but the school was forced to cancel classes after numerous disruptions inside the building.

Principal Paul-Emile Bourque said he could not ensure classes could take place in safety.

"It was quite noisy and the teachers felt, and we felt, that the tension was too high. We decided to take more time with the students and take more time with them, and hopefully tomorrow will be okay," said Bourque.

Isabelle Combey, Chloe Marco-Perrier and Marion Peppler said they initially supported the protests against the tuition hikes, but decided to go to court when they realized the government was not changing its mind, and they realized they were putting their future education at risk.

Several other requests for injunctions are making their way through the court system.

Meanwhile classes were cancelled Monday at CEGEP Sherbrooke.

Several dozen students protested before the administration Monday morning, and, as on Friday, convinced the principal to cancel classes.

Last week a judge ordered classes to resume at the school but so far the school's principal has refused to comply with the court order.