MONTREAL -- A social media hashtag has become a major opportunity for Montreal fashion designer Maya Amoah.

This year has seen a jump in sale for her Ghanaian-style clothing and she attributes that success to a movement aimed at supporting Black-owned businesses.

“In those same discussions of defund the police and divesting from structures of white supremacy, have been around for a long time,” she said. “I think what comes along with that is supporting the Black economy.”

Amoah said she felt the impact of #supportblackbusiness almost immediately, first with a boost in her online followers and then into an influx of socially conscious customers.

“A lot of people reached out to me and asked me 'How can I support you?'” she said. “'What can I do to make you feel supported through this movement?'”

The concept of supporting Black businesses is not new, but Amoah observed it's historically been promoted solely within the community.

“Finally, there was this movement that was more about empowering us as a people,” she said. “By buying from me, you are supporting me and an entire team behind me that represent and are truly of the culture.”