Sony offered Montrealers a sneak preview of their latest gadget on Thursday: 3D TV.

The same visuals used to stunning effect in the movie Avatar will soon be available for home audiences.

People looking at the prototype loved it.

"Honestly I'm mesmerized, it's cool," said one fan.

The televisions will be on sale this summer, but right now Sony is refusing to disclose the price tag.

However they do admit viewers will have to wear special spectacles.

"We're not at that level to have 3d without glasses," said Guy Seguin of Sony Canada.

But they promise the sets will offer a better experience for games, movies, sports, and TV shows.

"The action, you are there," said Seguin. "You're part of the content."

Technology analysts says Panasonic and Samsung are also planning 3D displays.

"Right now the consumer electronic industry is looking for a catalyst to make you upgrade your existing television system," said Malcolm White.

That could be a challenge, since many viewers are still coming to grips with HD TV, and may not be willing to spend more when they've already spent hundreds, if not thousands, on a flat-screen display.