MONTREAL -- Montrealers confined to their homes by the COVID-19 pandemic can still help the less fortunate, as Resilience Montreal put out the call for thousands of servings of sandwiches and chili for the homeless.

The meals will be served at the Cabot Square temporary shelter in downtown Montreal, which was erected by the city two weeks ago. Tents and sanitary facilities were set up in the square to help house the homeless as the city's shelters fight to keep the virus from spreading among the homeless population.

Resilience Montreal coordinator David Chapman said their usual site was forced to close its doors due its small size.

“Because of the epidemic, many community resources have had to close their doors or reduce their services to comply with public health rules,” he said. “This has had the effect of increasing the population at Cabot Square.”

Resilience Montreal servces three meals a day, seven days a week in the square, located at the corner of Atwater and Ste. Catherine St. West.

About 500 meals a day are served, and clothing, shoes and hygiene material are distributed.

Any volunteers interested in preparing large quantities of chili at home are invited to contribute directly to Resilience Montreal, which recommended opting on the side of caution when it comes to spiciness.