A Montreal resident says she was deliberately plowed in by a municipal worker or contractor while trying to get her car out of a parking spot.

Vanessa Brott said she had cleared snow off her car on Wednesday and dug her way out when she tried to move her car and it slipped on ice, putting one tire onto the sidewalk.

Moments later a snow plow clearing the sidewalk came along Kent Avenue.

40 cm of snow fell from Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning in Montreal, closing almost every school in the province.

A video taken from a surveillance camera shows Brott and the driver of the plow had an argument, during which she said that while trying to drive out of the space her car was now stuck on ice, and she was going to grab some salt in hopes of getting her car moving.

According to Brott "he swore and said he had just seen me move my car."

Immediately after this the plow driver placed a load of snow in front of her car. He then backed up, lowered his plow, and placed more snow alongside her car while he drove into the street and went around the vehicle blocking the sidewalk.

"He drove away quickly after, so he knows he did something wrong," said Brott.

Once he left she shovelled out her car again, and finally managed to get it off the ice patch.

Borough wants plow operator disciplined

Brott has complained to the borough of Cote des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grace and officials are investigating the incident.

Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery spoke to Brott, and the borough mayor has asked for an investigation.

"It’s unacceptable and I’ve asked our borough director to contact the contractor to conduct an investigation and take disciplinary action," wrote Montgomery on the CTV Montreal Facebook page.

Opposition leader Lionel Perez said cooler heads should prevail in all these disputes.

"I believe that in such exceptional cases when we have such an exceptional snowfall we have to, and that is everybody, both citizens and contractors, err on the side of caution and understanding," said Perez. "We should have a little bit of tolerance."

Anyone who has damage caused by city workers or contractors has 15 days to report it to the city.