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Montreal students wear 'living radar' backpacks to show drivers' speeds in school zones


Montreal police (SPVM) are following the city and the province in hoping drivers will slow down, particularly in school and park zones.

The police were on hand Wednesday morning at St-Arsene Elementary School in the Rosemont-la-Petite-Patrie borough as school-age children wear "living radar" backpacks that show drivers the speed they're travelling at as they pass in school zones.

The backpack's digital screen is connected to a radar device connected by Bluetooth.

"Today, we have an activity to sensibilize motorists to be aware on the site of a school or around areas of school," said SPVM spokesperson Julien Levesque.

Officers accompanied students and were available to hand out tickets to any drivers not respecting road rules.

The technology has been used in Laval, Hudson, Longueuil, and elsewhere.

Longueuil police (SPAL) say they will be visiting another school with them next week.

Montreal announced a $10 million plan to improve road safety on Tuesday and the province unveiled a $180 million, five-year road safety plan in August.

The Association of Quebec police chiefs said recently that 71 per cent of motorists do not respect the 30 km/h speed limit in school zones Top Stories

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