The latest developments in Montreal's video gaming boom:

  • Ribbon cut on a new space for gaming company Eidos

Companies like Eidos are investing and expanding in Montreal because of its reputation as a creative hub for game development

"We looked at different places, different cities, but finally here," said David Anfossi, head of studio at Eidos. "There are very strong university programs for engineers, there are some schools to learn art, 3D… so we totally understood at this time it was the right place to be to have the right people the right talent to start with."


  • International gaming conference MEGA-MIGS launches 2019 lineup

Gaming companies and enthusiasts will share and try out the hottest new games Nov 16-19. MEGA serves as the video game fair, while MIGS offers conferences for industry professionals

Those pros will tackle some of the toughest challenges the industry faces – some similar to other Quebec industries.

"Labour shortage: So the scarcity of programmers and other artists or other workers involved in making a video game. It takes a lot of people to make a final product that we see on the shelves or download," said Jean-Martin Aussant of COOP La Guilde, a group that supports the local industry.

Companies are getting creative, partnering with colleges and universities to train talent, who they hope to lure with enviable working conditions in top of the line studios to make the world's latest games.