Winning $1 million in the lottery might be a stroke of luck, but imagine then going on to win a $65 million jackpot two years later?

That’s what happened Monday to Montreal’s Lanteri family.

Giuseppa Lanteri and Nunzio Lanteri were presented Monday with the record-setting $65 million Lotto Max prize by Loto-Québec

The Lanteri family won $1 million in the Extra draw on January 20, 2017, and shared the prize with their two children, Jane and Salvatore Lanteri. 

This time, the $65 million was won by the four family members, but will be shared among eight members of the family.

The Lanteris were surprisingly quiet during the award ceremony, and mainly shared travel plans including a tour of Italy where they come from, and Mauritius, the country of origin of Jane Lanteri's partner.

The Ville Émard convenience store owner Martine Guérin who sold the winning ticket will also receive $650,000, one per cent of the lot, as stipulated in the retailer agreement.

Guérin said that she intends to invest in her business and, later, perhaps to spoil herself a bit.