It's official: The former Montreal Children’s Hospital has been sold to a Montreal developer.

The sale was confirmed on their website, where it said Thursday marked the official closing date of the sale of the building at 2300 Tupper St.

Montreal developer Luc Poirier purchased it from the Quebec government in a process that began in 2015.

Condos and stores could be built on the site. While Poirier talked about a possibility of building a downtown baseball stadium, he has apparently settled on building a school, a community centre, a library and housing.

Since the hospital moved in 18 months ago, the 120,000-square-metre site has been empty.

The site was sold for $25 million, although the building has been valued at $46 million.

The site is currently zoned for industrial use, and that will have to change for most of the plans in store for the location.

In a press release, the MUHC, which was in charge of managing the sale, said that this will minimize the costs of operating its now unoccupied legacy sites, such as the Children's Hospital.

The MUHC has been paying $2 million a year for heating, security, and necessary maintenance of the Children's.