Héma Québec needs more blood donations because of the greater needs of hospitals during the summer holiday period.

The agency announced on Tuesday that it will need to collect 500 additional weekly donations over the next few weeks. The needs concern all blood groups, particularly group O Rh positive and Rh negative.

According to Héma Québec, summer weather often results in a slowdown in appointments for donations, while the need for blood products remains crucial 365 days a year.

Héma-Québec reminds donors that making an appointment is the best way to plan a blood donation, but it is also flexible about donors who do not make an appointment.

People who have made an appointment but are faced with a setback are invited to cancel it to leave time slots available for other donors.

In addition to holding blood clinics, Héma Québec also collects plasma, stem cells, cord blood, human tissue and breast milk.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on July 11, 2023.