Preliminary reports from the second autopsy conducted on boxing legend Arturo Gatti indicate he died from hanging.

Toxicology results show that a substance causing drowsiness was found in his body.

Despite the latest results, many people still disagree on how Gatti died.

Friends are adamant that the boxer would never have taken his own life, despite two autopsies seemingly coming to that conclusion.

Montreal boxer Howard Grant was a close friend of Gatti's, and he feels the mystery surrounding the death means there was a conspiracy.

"I will go to my grave, I will put my hand on the bible, and tell to strike me down, there is no way Arturo killed himself," said Grant.

According to the second autopsy, Gatti was not beaten or tied up, but his manager feels the indication he was drugged proves there was a set-up.

"He was obviously drugged and then hung," said Pat Lynch. "No one is going to convince me that Arturo Gatti committed suicide and took his own life in Brazil. and as more information comes out it will be concluded that it was a murder."

Controversial case

When Gatti died in July, Brazilian police initially said his 23-year-old wife strangled him with her purse strap.

On the eve of his funeral, the Brazilian coroner ruled the death a suicide.

Gatti's family denounced the idea, and flew in high-profile forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden to assist with a second autopsy.

Baden refused to comment to CTV News on Saturday, saying that he still needs to go through additional slides that were sent to him on Friday.

Meanwhile a celebration of Gatti's life took place in Atlantic City on Saturday.

A street was renamed in his honour, and local boxing champs participated in a tribute match.