Arturo Gatti drew a capacity crowd in his final show, as former fighters filled a northern New Jersey church to pay homage to the Montreal boxer.

Thursday's crowd included Academy Award nominated actor Mickey Rourke and former champs Mark Breland and Tracy Patterson.

Stories about the 37-year-old, who died in Brazil under mysterious circumstances July 11th, brought more than one tough guy in the crowd to tears.

But organizers say Gatti's family, which buried him in Montreal earlier this month, was notably absent.

The memorial was held a few hours after Brazilian authorities changed their initial homicide finding to suicide.

They also ordered the release of Gatti's wife, Amanda Rodrigues, who was initially a suspect.

Joe Gatti says the family may exhume his brother's body and conduct their own autopsy.

Gatti manager Pat Lynch says he was shocked when he heard about the suicide ruling and hopes Ottawa will get involved.