MONTREAL - The fourth suspect in the smoke bomb attacks that shut down Montreal's metro system on May 10, 2012 has been granted bail.

Francois Vivier-Gagnon, 22, is accused of possession of a prohibited knife, as well as committing a hoax regarding terrorist activity, conspiracy, and mischief over $5,000.

Three of his co-accused, Genevieve Vaillancourt, Vanessa L'Ecuyer and Roxanne Belisle, were released last week under strict conditions including obeying a curfew, being barred from attending violent protests and from wearing masks.

They are also not allowed to be within 300 metres of a metro entrance, nor to be near a school unless they are attending a class.

Vivier-Gagnon's bail was set at $15,000, and he faces the same restrictions on using public transit and being near a school.

"He's not going to be able to join any manifestations in Montreal or wherever in Quebec, and he's prohibited from having in his possession any explosives or weapons," said Crown prosecutor Steeve Lariviere.

In court on Wednesday his family and supporters made a strong, quiet showing.

At a previous court date supporters engaged in yelling matches with media and other members of the public.

Vivier-Gagnon was previously arrested in February for attending a demonstration at CEGEP du Vieux Montreal, and will face further court proceedings for that case.