MONTREAL - A tense courtroom hearing for four people accused of setting off smoke bombs inside the metro system ended with a delay, but no real decision.

François Vivier-Gagnon, Genevieve Vaillancourt, Vanessa L'Ecuyer and Roxanne Belisle are charged with committing a hoax regarding terrorist activity, conspiracy and mischief over $5,000.

The four were identified as suspects last week by Montreal police, and on Friday they all submitted themselves to custody before being charged on Saturday.

All four were scheduled to appear in court on Monday for bail hearings.

Family members for all four suspects, reportedly all UQAM students, were in the courthouse for the hearings, and younger siblings were visibly upset.

As Vivier-Gagnon appeared his family waved, and other people in the courtroom clapped to show their support.

Vivier-Gagnon's lawyer asked for a delay, and prosecutors announced the Crown had complementary evidence that must be examined closely.

The judge ruled that the bail hearings for all four suspects will take place in nine days, on May 23, 2012.

Outside the courthouse more than 100 protesters showed their displeasure with the proceedings

A group called Force Etudiante Critique, an association that has criticized other student groups and the media, rallied outside the courthouse to support the accused.

Members of the group scuffled with journalists who were covering the event, holding up flags and banners in front of camera lenses, and putting their hands in people's faces.

The protesters said they did not want to be filmed by any cameras and would not talk to any journalists.