MONTREAL -- Quebecers remained very loyal to their recent favourites in choosing the first names of their newborns in 2020.

Aside from a slight game of musical chairs, the same names that made up the top five of 2019 lead the way for 2020, for both girls and boys.

There are going to be a lot of Olivias in kindergarten in four years—not that there aren’t right now.

The name once again dominated the annual list for 2020 published by Retraite Quebec.

Olivia was third in 2015.

Little Alice, Emma, Charlie and Charlotte are scampering behind Olivia to round out the top five.

Emma and Alice have been neck and neck of late in Quebec: they are tied at 491 christenings in 2020 apiece, while Emma was slightly ahead in 2019 (522 versus 514).

As for the boys, a few changes lie in the class of 2020: Liam and William still lead, as in 2019, but Noah has pulled ahead in the pack and moved from fifth to third this year. Behind him are Thomas and Leo.

In 2015, Thomas and Liam were first, Noah was 10th, and Leo was all the way back at 15th.

Emma, Olivia and Alice were among the top five in 2015, but Charlotte was ninth and Charlie hanging back at 17th. As Charlotte and Charlie have grown in popularity, they have replaced Lea and Florence in the top five.

The first name bank is published every year and is available at the Retraite Quebec website.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 21, 2021.