A family is making last-ditch appeals to the immigration ministers of Quebec and Canada in a fervent hope to remain in Canada and avoid deportation.

The Khalifas have had all their requests for refugee status denied, and have been ordered to leave Canada on Friday.

Their two youngest children, aged six and eight, were born in Canada and are allowed to stay, but are expected to leave with their parents.

Samah Khalifa is dismayed by the ruling, and said her older daughter, who suffers from epilepsy, will suffer if the family returns to Egypt.

She has learned the medication Sarah uses twice a day is not available in Egypt.

"Egypt is not safe for my daughters, even for me, so how can I protect her?" said Khalifa.

"Please help my daughters and my family."

The Khalifas were joined by supporters Thursday morning as they made their final appearance before the Canada Border Services Agency and presented a petition with several hundred signatures.

The family blames poor legal advice for their failure to convince immigration authorities on the legitimacy of their case, and they've now exhausted all other avenues.