Looking to take a drive in Montreal this summer? Better pack a lunch and prepare to be patient – the city announced dozens of major roadwork projects Thursday that will take place during the summer months.

The 30 major projects will lead to several closures.

Among the biggest projects is the ongoing reworking of the Turcot Interchange, which is currently 75 per cent complete. According to the Quebec Transport Ministry, the project is on schedule and on budget, but will still require weekend road closures throughout the summer to allow work to continue.

The ministry said one lane on Highway 15 North will be closed throughout the summer.

“For the Turcot Interchange, it's actually a little bit lighter in comparison to the other years because we are at 75 per cent in terms of completion, in terms of dismantlement 97 per cent,” said Sarah Bensadoun of Transport Quebec.

Work will also continue on the new Champlain Bridge. While no opening date for the new bridge has been given, a Bensadoun said the north and south lanes would open on different dates. Those openings would necessitate closures to Highways 10 and 15.

For the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Transport Ministry said there would numerous closures to onramps and exits due to asphalt blitzes.

“We know it’s intense, but we have to act quickly otherwise it’s going to be worse,” said City of Montreal spokesperson Philippe Sabourin. “We’re asking motorists to plan their moves, to consult the website of the city, Waze, Google, listen to the radio for your traffic reporters and take public transit.”