The court began to hear closing arguments Monday in the trial of two people facing terrorism charges.

Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali, students who were studying at Maisonneuve College at the time of their arrest, are accused of three charges of attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act, possession of explosives, and committing an act to profit a terrorist organization.

They have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Crown dropped a fourth charge against the couple as it ended its case in November.

Witnesses for the Crown testified that the pair was planning to fly to the Middle East and join Islamic State's battle in Syria and other countries. Witnesses said that Djermane, 21, and Jamali, 20, planned to set off a bomb before leaving Montreal.

The RCMP arrested the couple in April 2015 as a “preventative measure,” as the authorities feared they would commit a terrorist crime. The authorities had been told by a relative that the two young people were planning to leave Canada shortly.

Lawyers for Djermane and Jamali chose not to present a defence once the prosecution wrapped up.

The prosecution called 31 witnesses and produced extensive material evidence.

In court on Monday, Crown prosecutor Lyne Decarie reminded the jury that the evidence is a combination of minor elements: travel documents, plane tickets, messages found by police.

She said the combination of facts proves "that the two are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt."

The defence is expected to speak later this week.

After lawyers make their closing arguments, the judge will deliver his instructions to the jury, likely on Wednesday, and the 11 members will then begin their deliberations.

The couple has been in custody since their arrest.