In Cote St. Luc the battle for the mayor's office pits the incumbent against a man who last held the position in 2001.

Mitchell Brownstein is a long-time councillor in the city and was acclaimed as mayor last year.

He calls himself a consensus builder.

"I've been able to move files forward. Tthe Cavendish extension, with the building of the Blue Bonnets land, the deal is done," said Brownstein.

His plans include maintaining Cote St. Luc's level of services, and working on more deals that will benefit the area, including making arrangements with CP and CN for a road that will connect Cote St. Luc to Montreal's borough of St. Laurent.

"I met with CP and CN in my office for the first time, the two railways together and I continue to work with CP and they're moving forward. CP wants an underpass, CN doesn't mind if it's an overpass to Montreal is working hard to finalize the deal and purchase the land," said Brownstein.

His opponent is himself a former mayor, Robert Libman, who would like to cut taxes.

"Cote St. Luc used to be among the lowest taxed municipalities on the island of Montreal. We now have the second highest tax rate of all 35 boroughs and municipalities on the island of Montreal. That reversal is unacceptable and we have to find ways to lower our tax rate without compromising the services," said Libman.

Aware that residents are frustrated with traffic, Libman says his training as an architect and urban planner make him well-suited to manage the Cavendish extension.

"I've worked on the Cavendish extension project for the past 15 years," said Libman.

That worries Brownstein, who points out Libman has been a registered lobbyist for Olymbec, a firm that may be affected by the Cavendish extension.

Libman said that should not be a concern.

"In any case if there's ever a project that Olymbec is involved in that requires zoning in Cote St Luc obviously I would recuse myself from any such issue," said Libman.

Brownstein said he's stopped practicing law in order to dedicate himself to the city.

Libman said his experience would serve him well as mayor.

The municipal election takes place on Nov. 5.