Arsonists have once again attacked a Lachine pizzeria, but this time police managed to arrest two suspects.

Champion Pizza at the corner of Provost St. and 12th Ave. in Lachine was attacked at 2 a.m. Thursday, but just like last week's attack the Molotov cocktail thrown inside the building failed to cause any damage.

The would-be firebombers did not even break a window. Instead they were able to kick in a wooden plank that is covering a window that was broken about a month ago in a third attempted arson.

Police rushed to the area when the alarms went off and scoured the area. They found two men, in their twenties, who seemed to be likely suspects.

The arson squad has the men in custody and will question them on Thursday.

As for the restaurant nobody was inside and nobody was hurt by the Molotov cocktail, and damage is minimal.