The Quebec Community Groups Network says its members are happy Anglophones were mentioned in the 2018-2019 Quebec budget.


They say overall, they are pleased with the $25 million going to support English-speaking Quebecers.

Part of that money is going to scientific research, focused on anglophone communities, which the QCGN says is objective third-party research into minority issues.

The group is also happy some funds will be put toward keeping young anglophones in Quebec.

“In general, we know that young Anglo-Quebecers have an option to go elsewhere. They have the tools to get a job anywhere in North America. It’s not so unlike how people in other parts of North America look at their career opportunities, where is the job. And we want to have a package of attractive options here for those people so they decide to stay,” said QCGN vice-president Geoffrey Chambers.