MONTREAL -- Two Montreal dog lovers are planning to match monetary donations made to the SPCA before Dec. 31.

Floranna Bryant and Dorothy Mapes launched the Bryant-Mapes Fund for the Care of Dogs in order to raise money to help the organization. They will be matching donations up to $100,000.

The entire estates of both women were turned into the fund after their deaths, in the hopes of bettering the lives of dogs across Montreal.

“This matching gift campaign is an extraordinary opportunity. It will help us start the new year with momentum,” said Élise Desaulniers, the Montreal SPCA’s executive director.

The Montreal SPCA takes in and cares for up to 1,600 animals each month. Officials say they rely primarily on donations from the public to fund their work.

“Whatever their status — newborn, older, lost, neglected, mistreated, sick, injured or nearing the end of their lives — all animals receive the care and attention they need,” the organization stated.

The Montreal SPCA says it plans to use some of the money raised to complete renovations on its kennels and continue its neonatal program for orphaned kittens for a second year.

“It is thanks to the continued support of our donors that we can offer each animal who comes through our doors what they need to prepare for their new life, in addition to continuing our efforts to raise awareness among the public and various levels of government,” said Desaulniers.

People who wish to donate to the fundraiser may do so online or by calling 1-866-366-7722 before Dec. 31.