Five alleged co-conspirators of convicted fraudster Vincent Lacroix are to go on trial Monday.

Jury selection wrapped up last week at the Montreal courthouse.

The men are being tried together after $115 million in investor funds went missing from the accounts of the now-defunct Norbourg firm in one of Canada's biggest financial scandals.

Former Norbourg president Vincent Lacroix served 18 months in prison for securities charges, and he's facing more jail time after pleading guilty last week to 200 criminal counts.

The five others will be tried together. They are:

  • External auditor Remi Deschambault,
  • Comptroller Jean Cholette,
  • Former Norbourg directeur Serge Beugre,
  • Ex-bureaucrat Jean Renaud,
  • And computer technician Felicien Souka.

They're charged with fraud, conspiracy and making false documents.