Laval police have launched an arson investigation after four fires were set nearly simultaneously in the Chomedey district on Thursday evening.

Two fires were set on Clarendon Ave. and two other blazes erupted on Du Souvenir blvd.

All of the fires were set around 1 a.m.

Firefighters were first called to contain a fire that had been set outside a garage on du Souvenir.

They then received word of a second fire in a garbage can on du Souvenir, as well as another smouldering trash bin nearby on Clarendon.

That was followed by the fourth fire, which started on the balcony of a home entrance on the same street.

Some residents in the area claim they heard a small explosion prior to one of the fires.

Police believe the fires were deliberately set because they happened less than 100 metres apart within a short period of time.