The municipal election campaign in Boisbriand, north of Laval, is turning violent.

It's been a tight race, but now fists are flying and one of the candidates is crying dirty politics.

This past weekend Marlene Cordato's husband was attacked at their home.

Two men rang their doorbell, and when Cordato's husband opened the door, they attacked.

"He fell on the stairs going to the dining room. And they came in and they were punching him," said Cordato.

The entire ordeal lasted about a minute and a half, and left Cordatos' husband badly bruised but otherwise okay.

Cordato says this was no random attack.

"The first thing the policeman asked is, what's in your life? And the only thing that's in my life actually is the municipal campaign."

That declaration has put Cordato's opponent, Mayor Sylvie St-Jean, on the defensive.

"It's very sad what happened to her husband, but my party had nothing to do with this attack," said St-Jean. "I had nothing to do with this event and I want that to be understood."

St-Jean is so certain that she sent a legal notice to Cordato, telling her to stop suggesting St-Jean had any involvement.

She also wants an apology, something Cordato says will not happen.

"The last thing my family and I need is to get that kind of letter actually. We're living through something that's very difficult," said Cordato.

The Surete du Quebec has taken over the investigation, but says it has very few leads to go on right now.

In the meantime, both candidates are focusing on the campaign.