Cell phone services across Canada are still having problems Monday, the day after phones began dropping calls and customs had other issues

Rogers and Telus clients were having trouble making phone calls while other services were affected at Bell.

As of Monday morning, some Freedom Mobile and Rogers customers were still having problems making or receiving any calls, as well as sub-brands Fido and Chatr.

Telus also stated that some customers may have experienced calling issues as the result of a service interruption on other carriers' networks, though the issue has since been resolved.

Bell, which is CTV's parent company, was having some problems with TV and Internet service.

Text messages, internet and data services were not affected.

Some calls to 911 were getting dropped and police and paramedics in London, Ontario tweeted that if you need emergency services, call 911 from a landline.

Toronto fire and police services said they were getting calls cut off the moment they picked up but were using the same protocol as they would for unknown trouble, so responders were sent out to the location of the cell phone.

Montreal police have not said if those problems are happening here.