Customers of a West Island snow-removal company can receive a refund from Avalanche snow removal, the company some West Islanders say neglected to clear snow from their driveways.

The company issued a statement Friday saying refunds would be made available.

Jennifer Donovan said she hired Avalanche to clean her driveway this winter, but they didn't show up after the 28-centimentre snowfall on Wednesday. Attempts to contact them were fruitless, she said.

"Never. Nothing, nothing at all. We called and called and called," she said.

According to the government's business registry, the company is owned by a man named Jacques Tozzi, also the owner of Syljack snow removal.

Avalanche issued the following statement:

"Avalanche snow removal have sustained setbacks in providing the service to our clients, due to the fact of this delay, Avalanche will provide the following, for any reason our current clients are not satisfied we will provide the following full reimbursement. The following procedures for reimbursement are as follows, a copy of the contract must be faxed to Avalanche and within 5 business days Avalanche will issue a full payment."

The company's fax number is 514-694-1855.

When contacted by CTV Montreal, the company admitted up to 40 people had called, demanding their money back.

The company also said six of their tractors had broken down.