Dozens of West Island residents are frustrated and suspicious after a snow removal contractor failed to show up to clear their driveways after Wednesday's 28-centimetre snowfall.

Eric Sislan, who lives in Kirkland, told CTV Montreal he paid Avalanche Snow Removal $200 to clear his driveway throughout the winter season.

"They said they were going to be there, available whenever we needed them."

But Sislan found himself shovelling his own driveway Thursday morning.

"They never showed up," he said.

Another Kirkland resident, Lina Pecoraro, said she was in the same situation. When she called the company to complain, a woman told her she had the wrong phone number.

"She said that I was probably the 20th person calling, but it was not Avalanche Snow Removal," Pecoraro said, adding that she's no longer going to be using Avalanche's services.

"I've just booked with a competitor. I'm getting my money back," she said.

When contacted by CTV Montreal reporter Catherine Sherriffs, the company admitted up to 40 people had called, demanding their money back.

The company also said six of their tractors had broken down.

But one client told Sherriffs the company had offered her a different explanation, saying "Well, you have to excuse us. It's the first storm of the season -- we're a little unorganized."