Mayor Gerald Tremblay is reportedly ready to cancel the scandal-ridden water-meter contract -- the biggest contract in the history of Montreal.

La Presse says Tremblay will scrap the $355 million contract regardless of the conclusions of an auditor's report due out in the fall.

Some of Mayor Tremblay's Union Montreal candidates reportedly didn't want to have to answer questions about the scandal during their campaigns.

Tremblay had suspended the contract this spring after a firm that landed the contract was raided on allegations of tax fraud.

The mayor's former right hand man, Frank Zampino, was involved in the scandal when it was revealed that he vacationed on the yacht of the man whose firm was raided.

The friend, Tony Accurso, had been chosen to co-manage the water-meter contract along with another firm, Dessau, which hired Zampino after he left politics last year.

Zampino later quit Dessau when the connection was reported.