Montreal band The Damn Truth is having a serious problem on their cross-country tour.

As the band was driving through Sault Ste. Marie on Wednesday evening their van caught fire.

Singer Lee-La Baum said the six people in the van, including her two-year-old son, made it out safely.

"We stopped the van and I grabbed the kid. I opened the door or someone opened the door and we ran out. There was grass and we ran into the grass," said Baum.

"There were already flames from the motor like when we were out of the car already it was really, really, really terrifying."

They lost most of their personal belongings, their computers, and all of the merchandise they were planning to sell at upcoming shows.

They also lost their favourite guitars, although other instruments and musical equipment, which were in a separate trailer, were saved.

The band is currently in Sault Ste. Marie and trying to raise money to continue their tour.

"We're hoping to get to Winnipeg tomorrow [Friday] but we still don't have a vehicle," said Baum.

The band spent Thursday dealing with their insurance company and had great difficulty finding a vehicle to rent that can pull a trailer.

They are now trying to buy a van or truck with a trailer hitch.