One local educational institution is taking aim at the burden that bottled water places on the environment.

The environmental waste and pollution caused by plastic water bottles has been well-documented, but so far few have taken action to stem the massive popularity of water sold in plastic bottles.

But now Vanier College has thrown down the gauntlet and banned the sale of bottled water on campus.

“We wanted to do something and we wanted to start with our association, with our college, to make an impact with that. We said, 'what is it that we could do first and that's not difficult to do?'” said Vanier College Student Association President Omar Riaz.

As a result, disposable water bottles are no longer for sale on campus.

The CEGEP is upgrading fountains and ensuring that people will be able to get their more permanent vessels filled without buying new plastic.

“Not selling them brings up the issue, “I can't get water,’ so students, when they start here, say ‘I can't get water bottles. What's going on?' and you tell them 'you don't need water bottles,’ and that opens the door to discussing the issue,” said Richard Dugas Vanier College sustainability officer.

Another school official said that the measures might also spark some deeper thinking.

“We're teaching them to become human beings and being a good human being is really being responsible for your society,” said Director General Normand W. Bernier.