Quebec - Quebec politics is abuzz with word of a new political party.

It's the often-discussed, never-successful search for a so-called third way -- a mainstream alternative for voters fed up with the ceaseless struggle between federalist and separatist parties.

The legislature is full of rumours of a new right-of-centre party that would be pro-business and ambivalent on the national question.

The Charest Liberals are greeting reports about the new party with glee -- while the Parti Quebecois is sounding more dismissive.

That's because the names being associated with it so far -- Francois Legault and Joseph Facal -- are former Parti Quebecois cabinet ministers.

Those names have often been linked to efforts to find a new party that might attract some prominent players, capable of succeeding where the Action democratique du Quebec failed.

But some Pequistes warn that the new party would ultimately hurt the Charest Liberals because, if it shelves talk of independence, it will eat into the Liberals' federalist votes.