The STM is backtracking on its plan to change the name of 19 metro stations.

STM president Philippe Schnobb called the name change unnecessary at a meeting for the public transit agency Wednesday night.

Schnobb said the board approved in May the name change for Square-Victoria, which will now be called du Square-Victoria-OACI, a change designed to honour the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Square-Victoria-OACI metro station name switch costs $125,000.

Schnobb said the STM was cancelling all other changes, which were considered minor grammatical changes, for example Place-des-Arts would become de la Place-des-Arts and Snowdon would become de Snowdon.

“There was only one official request for a change of name and it’s for Square Victoria, which became Square Victoria OACI, the other small changes were not real changes, they were only to standardize with the toponymy of the streets," said STM spokesperson Isabelle Tremblay when question about it in late July.